This Point Forward by Sonnet

The best is yet to come.™

AD: Carol Clark, Lauren Bellamy, Julia Hall, Hannah Taylor

CW: Lexi Warren

As many young Canadians feel overwhelmed with the daily struggles of life, This Point Forward by Sonnet will be a reminder that a positive outlook can lead to a brighter future.

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Pins set up on the streets of major cities, will share real-life stories showing how a small setback today can lead to great things tomorrow. The pins will project unique stories that happened in their exact locations. Sonnet will also post sponsored Instagram and Snapchat stories. These posts will be filmed from the perspective of the person telling their stories. To create widespread growth of optimism, we will introduce Sonnet Pins to Snap Map. With the ability to drop their own pin, users all over Canada can share their stories of optimism. This Point Forward by Sonnet will spread optimism throughout Canada and connect the brand to a positive outlook on everyday life.

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