The journey up until now

So here's the thing. I started out as a really small human. Not like baby small, we were all that small once, but so small, that my parents were concerned I was missing meals. I remember my dad sitting with me at the dinner table until my tiny human body had consumed my entire plate of food, while the rest of the family was off in the living room watching football, or Wheel of Fortune.

This elongated dinner time led to an even bigger problem though. I decided these extra minutes were for me to have some chit chat time with whoever got stuck sitting at the table with me. My chit chatting led to 1s on my report card for in-class behavior, but my blabber mouth just kept on flapping.

Once I got to middle school, things slowed down, and then high school hit. My name changed from Chatty Kathy to Silent Sal, and I started listening. While listening, I picked up on the strangest things. I learned all sorts of stupid facts, which are almost never useful in normal day to day conversation, but somehow I found a way to sneak them in. Now I am here today, writing this longwinded chain of events that has almost nothing to do with anything at all, but hey, that's what life has been like up until now.

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(an example of me being a tiny human) (find me as a full sized human below)

(an example of me being a tiny human) (find me as a full sized human below)