Burger King


BK From The Dead

Young Ones Merit Winner

Each year, around Halloween, the spirit world and our world collide. Many take this opportunity to contact the other side. This October, Burger King will help people conjure their favorite discontinued menu items.

AD: Lauren Bellamy, Emeline Earman, hannah taylor

CW: MK holladay, sydney pelligirini, lexi warren

dp: sam gay


Ouija boards will become Ouiopper boards, crystal balls will show flame-grilled futures, and stores will host the spirits of BK past. Fans can revive some of the most coveted discontinued BK items: Fiery Chicken Fries, Red Velvet Oreo Shake, Angriest Whopper, Burger Buddies, and Crown Nuggets. Our teaser will create buzz about what’s to come. We will further stoke customers’ curiosity by interacting with them on Instagram and Twitter. On Halloween, we will choose 5 locations in some of the most haunted cities across the US to host seances and readings from local mediums. This campaign will haunt customers long after Halloween, and bring their Burger King spirit back from the dead.

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